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Top Seven Reasons to Join the Putnam Valley Business Network


  1. MEMBERSHIP gives you instant credibility.
    Displaying the Putnam Valley Business Network logo at your place of business can lead to tangible business results; consumers are 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from a company that belongs to the local Business Network.  According to the Shapiro Report, it notes that consumers are more likely to believe that a Network member’s products/services are superior to their competition.

  2. MEMBERS helps shape local policy.
    Our not-for-profit network is your advocate providing a unified voice for businesses in Putnam Valley and surrounding areas. At the municipal and county levels in government, we represent you on issues that impact community businesses. PVBN has your back and YOU have a VOICE to address any concerning issues.

  3. MEMBERS are the first referrals.
    Inquiries for any service, whether within or outside the community, are found on-line through our membership directory at www.PVBusinessNetwork.org. That translates to additional leads for you and, ultimately, business growth.

  4. MEMBERS receive valuable advertising.
    Your business is listed for FREE on our website.  New businesses, businesses that expand or relocate can collaborate with the PVBN Board to host a “Ribbon Cutting Ceremony” with publicity and invitations already BUILT-IN for community leaders’ awareness.

  5. MEMBERS have networking opportunities.
    There are more opportunities to meet peers in the community and surrounding areas.  Special events are organized for collaborating with potential partners, clients and new friends.  Expanding your network is much more enjoyable.  We have fun!

  6. MEMBERS build a collaborative relationship with other like-minded organizations.
    Our Board Members represent the Network and meet regularly with other business organizations who are concerned with building a prosperous community. We identify opportunities and issues and, together, work to build a more positive business environment. PVBN Membership entitles you to a 20% discount as a Hudson Valley Gateway Business Network member, thus expanding your network even further.

  7. MEMBERS promote a strong sense of community.
    Getting involved in committees that deal with issues you care about are extremely rewarding when you can make an impact and a difference.  What you get out of your PVBN membership depends upon, to some extent, what you put into it.  Attending events aides in developing stronger relationships with other members of the business community.  All efforts add to the betterment and prosperity of the Greater Putnam Valley area.

If you would like to join please click HERE to sign up online or
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