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Top Seven Reasons to Join the Putnam Valley Business Network

  1. Network membership gives you instant credibility.
    Displaying the Putnam Valley Business Network logo at your place of business can lead to tangible business results; consumers are 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from a company that belongs to the local Business Network (or Business Network) according to the Shapiro Report. This report also notes that consumers are more likely to believe that Network member products/services are superior to their competition.

  2. You can help shape local policy.
    Your Business Network is the not-for-profit advocate for business in Putnam Valley and surrounding areas and provides our business community with a unified voice. We represent you with government at the municipal and county levels on issues that impact business in our community. When you join the Putnam Valley Business Network you know that someone has your back and you can also have a say in addressing the issues that concern you.

  3. We always refer our members first.
    When we receive inquiries from the community or outside it, we refer Putnam Valley Business Network members first using our online membership directory. That translates to additional leads for you and hopefully, more money in your pocket.

  4. New members receive a valuable advertising.
    When you join the Putnam Valley Business Network, you’ll receive a free listing on the Putnam Valley Business Network web site. Members who open a new business, expand or relocate can partner with the PVBN to host a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, with built-in publicity and invitations to community leaders.

  5. Networking opportunities.
    When you get involved in the Putnam Valley Business Network, you’ll be given more opportunities to meet your peers in the community. The Network organizes special events to make meeting and mixing with potential partners, clients and new friends a much more enjoyable task.

  6. A collaborative relationship with other like-minded organizations in the Town and Surrounding Areas.
    Our Board Members represent the Network and meet regularly with other business organizations concerned with building a prosperous community. This allows us to identify opportunities and issues collaboratively and work together to build a more positive business environment. As an automatic affiliate member of the Putnam County Business Network with 1). Representation on Local, State & Federal levels and 2). Support to local chamber for Town/Village issues (e.g. zoning, town code/legislation, ARB). The Putnam County Business Network meets semi-annually countywide Town planning, zoning and Village board meets. The membership in the PVBN also entitles you to a 20% discount of a membership in the Hudson Valley Gateway Business Network.

  7. A stronger sense of community.
    What you get from your Putnam Valley Business Network membership will to some extent depend upon what you put into it. But as you attend more events, get involved on committees dealing with issues you care about and develop stronger relationships with other members of the business community, you’ll benefit from the sense of making a real and lasting difference to the betterment and prosperity of the Greater Putnam Valley area.

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